Loyal to the Heart - Unfinished WIP


A young Confederate struggles to balance his loyalties between his pacifist family and warring country. When he discovers the lost young women that he's brought into his family's home is actually a Union spy, he's filled with guilt over his mistake and the desires of his heart.

Back Cover Blurb:

Jimmy is a pacifist. As his neighbors and friends battle in the war between the states, he battles impossible wars at home, like keeping fifty goats inside their fence and being both Mother and Father to his five younger siblings.
A girl wandering in the woods, claiming to have amnesia, is the last thing his list of responsibilities need. But regretfully, his dead mother left him with a loud conscience.
Jimmy gives the memoryless girl a home and in return, she teaches his siblings to laugh again.
When the girl’s past as a Union Spy catches up with her, it’s Jimmy’s family that suffers for it, and he can’t forgive himself for letting his heart cloud his judgement. 

Determined to fix his mistake, he casts the once-spy from his home and takes up arms against the enemy, only to discover the interrogation tactics used on Union Spies are not something his Mother would’ve approved of. 

During a time where enemies and allies wear the same uniform, Jimmy faces impossible moral decisions, but will they be made from the head, or the heart?


Jimmy watched as the color drained from her face.
Incredulousness washed over him.
“Holy cranberries girl,” he said, propping up on an elbow to face her directly. “Where in blazes did you come from that you don’t know about the war?”
The muscles clenched in her neck as she swallowed hard. “Never mind where I come from.” Her voice was a sharp reminder that he wasn’t to pry into her past. “What about the war?”
“Between the states? How could you not have heard about it? Did you think we were making those trenches for spring runoff?”
She grimaced. Likely, their first meeting was still a tender subject. “Though they are quite good for that,” he added, as an after-thought. She didn’t seem to appreciate his humor.
“Why…?” she began. He arched a brow, forcing her to formulate more of a question. “Why war? Why fight?”
“Secession from the Union, the southern rebellion, freedom of rites, you haven’t heard of any of those things?”
The girl shook her head, brown hair drifting side to side across her chest.
“Okay.” He sat up. “I have to know; how can you live in this country and not know about the war we’re in?”
She shrugged, looking at her hands. “I don’t know a lot of things.”
Jimmy remained silent, watching her mouth open and close exactly three times before she finally spoke.
“I think I—I’ve lost my memory.”
Well. That wasn’t what he’d been expecting.

Progress Report:

The final lap. It's all about the climax.

101,000 words
268 pages

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