Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NaNo Project Update

So I won NaNo. (Yippee me, another freakish mountain of words to untangle!*)

*I am happy to have won again.

Status: Still Untitled. 240 pages. 83,350 words. Entering the dreaded climax...

I paused over the holidays for a short story, which I signed up to do through my writing forum. I was impressed with my frazzled brain to have pantsed the whole thing in three days, and I may or may not have just tempted fate by trying to repeat the process (??? fate, I'm sorry!) when I really should just be working on this dreaded climax.

(%*D*A(&969*%#$$$D{:"(Where's my command: awesome epic climax button on this keyboard?))

Here's to getting something published in 2017!
(Yup, that's the resolution. And I'm so together that I just decided.)

Come on 2017, let's capture some words!
Mary Love

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