Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NaNo Project Update

So I won NaNo. (Yippee me, another freakish mountain of words to untangle!*)

*I am happy to have won again.

Status: Still Untitled. 240 pages. 83,350 words. Entering the dreaded climax...

I paused over the holidays for a short story, which I signed up to do through my writing forum. I was impressed with my frazzled brain to have pantsed the whole thing in three days, and I may or may not have just tempted fate by trying to repeat the process (??? fate, I'm sorry!) when I really should just be working on this dreaded climax.

(%*D*A(&969*%#$$$D{:"(Where's my command: awesome epic climax button on this keyboard?))

Here's to getting something published in 2017!
(Yup, that's the resolution. And I'm so together that I just decided.)

Come on 2017, let's capture some words!
Mary Love

Untitled - 2016 NaNo Draft

Why, why, whyyyyyyy am I doing this to myself?

Erp. Okay. Here goes another first draft attempt! (Kindly disregard the other five.)

Thing is, a crater-sized plot hole in the hull of last year's NaNo ship sunk that project faster than the titanic, and, despite all my best intentions at fixing it, my imagination is so far not stretchy enough to cover a portal of that size.

I'm naively praying that if I just keep doing this, I'll get a first draft that---at least--has the potential to be edited!

With that overwhelming amount of hope and confidence, may I present 2016's NaNo project:



A price fights to take back what was stolen from his family, only to uncover that conquerors aren't all evil and victims aren't all innocent.

That's it! Stunning, I know. But plot bunnies can be cultivated into giant rabbits with the right care!

Some days feels like I'm running amuck on a rabbit breeding farm...

Best of luck fellow Nano'ers!