Tuesday, December 1, 2015

End Nov WIP updates

Well, I was supposed to finish before Dec. and I didn't, but not through any fault of my own. 
I never missed a day, and my lowest word count was on my birthday at 1,400. Because, reasons. 
Every other day, I managed to eek the button over 2k, even when I really didn't feel like it.
I'm deep in the climax now, and really enjoying it, but never expected it to take this long. The plot just kept going (because, reasons) and I felt like I was following along behind going "hey, wait, you were supposed to stay under 100k!"
I'm going to sharpen my editing scissors after New Years and scale this puppy back!

There's some other editing I know I need to do right off the bat too. For instance, I thought I had my MC so thoroughly figured out, and then he went and changed personalities on me midway (because, reasons), so now I have to figure out which character he really is and hold him to it.

I hope to finish the first draft in a few days and then focus on Christmas.
I'm very happy on both accounts!

Okay, gotta run, because (you guessed it) reasons...

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