Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Bookish Day (omg, what even is my life?!?!!)

Last Tuesday started much like any other: shower, breakfast, coffee, internet.

Then BAM, this shows up in my fb feed:

It's happened and I totally wasn't ready for it.
James Riley (a super nice author who's chatted with me every time I've written him with my younger sibling's assessment of his novels) combined his two fabulous worlds in this seven page short story
 I was excited as the younger kids to read the cross over.

Story Thieves was the first book to capture 6yr old Donna's attention.
Book 2, the Stolen Chapters, comes out Jan 19th, and we can barely wait!

Next, with a ding of the doorbell (that's a lie, we don't have a doorbell), the nice UPS man delivered my early Christmas gift to me, maybe my favorite books of all time:
I licked the covers and cuddled these books for a long time...
(no, not really! Gosh, how weird do you think I am?)
 Can you believe that's the first time I've ever bought books for myself?
Me neither.
That's some amazing self control right there.

 Then, I brought kids into town for their skating lessons and swung by the library.
My book was in!
The Novice by Taran Matharu. 
It's fun to read (and critique) a debut by another young author. (Don't worry Taran, I'm enjoying it so far!)
While I was there, I also picked up this book again. I'm in revision stages with my story, and looking for help. This book is so good. Maybe I'll buy it someday. :)

 When I got home, I went back to my amazon cart and hovered the mouse over the "buy now" button on these books. Instead, I read more rave reviews, drooled a little, and then went on my way. I mean, I just bought four books. (For fun though, and these are like, educational, right? My wallet disagreed.)
While revisiting K.M. Weiland's helpful writing blog, I uncovered a path through cyberspace, that involved signing up to a writerly newsletter, getting emailed top secret codes and whatnot and, boring story short, I uncovered both these two 350pg. books for free download in a one time giveaway!
Bless my lucky stars.

I was still reveling in my victory, reading the first chapter of Structuring Your Novel, when another email pops up.



No. It can't be.

This writerly God in my favorite fiction world wrote me an email?
I was in so much disbelief, seeing her name on the bottom of the email, that I barely comprehended what she was saying.

Congrats? Address? Sign? Where? Who?

And then my fangirl-fuzzy brain comprehended the words: "you won".

The beautiful, the brand new, the book that won't even be out until Jan 26th, and I am getting it this week signed by THE Jennifer A, Nielsen, (creator of the amazing Jaron, thief/prince, Ascendance trilogy books.)

And I'm just like... what even is my life?

Now, a few days later, I'm tempted to go back and reread my response, but I'm too afraid to actually do it. Not because I fangirled so hard she probably thinks I'm 14, but... I don't remember proofing my response. The spelling is probably worse than a second grader.
*Oh gawd*

 Incidentally, younger sis has just finished reading Mark of the Thief (bk 1) and was asking  about the next book. She's been talking up the awesomeness of Nic (main character from bk 1).

Jennifer has the ability to create amazing characters. 

And after that incredible bookish day, I'm convinced anything can happen, so I'm just gonna ask:  

Santa, if you do exist, all I want for Christmas is that ability. 


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