Saturday, November 7, 2015

First she's up, then she's down...

As I narrow in on the climax of this book, the highs and lows of writing are really starting to get to me.

How is it possible to feel such drastic mood swings one day (literally, one day) to the next? 

It doesn't even matter if the words came easily or not, or wether the scenes were well plotted or spontaneous. It's actually on the lower level of sentence by sentence, word by word. I either love my composition, or despise it, one moment to the next.

Then there's this jolly little thing called... 


Which I have never experienced myself, but I hear it's awful.

Actually, that's a lie. I have it today. And some of yesterday.

After averaging 2,500words/day for two months, I was feeling pretty confident in my output, which is where the danger first started. Then, after ridiculously busy days where I still managed my 25 hundred, the weekend days should've been easy. Or so I thought. 

Which is why, of course, the words mock me by avoiding the weak pull of my lazy brain and I watch cat videos on youtube instead.

It is also why I blog. To bemoan because it's easier than writing.
...and because my brothers are group gaming on my writing computer.


I'm going to carry on Tangled style, since they're still gaming and you're still reading.

It starts out gloriously... 
You decide to write a book and dream (like I did literally the other night) of getting it published. 

Two weeks later writer's block hits like:

As far as how NaNo is going, I'm not behind and I'm not giving up, but I do wonder if I have enough story left for my full 50k. I think I may either have to start some rewrites or book 2 to get them all.

Finally, because I'm bored, easily amused, and very scatter-brained at the moment, I'm going to leave you with this nonsensical picture.

K, time to get my brother's off the computer. 

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