Friday, September 4, 2015

Teeny Tiny 2 second, but Super Amazing, Creative Writing Exercise

Raise your hand if you love pinterest. 

Leave the room if you don't.

I mean, seriously, who doesn't/wouldn't?

It doesn't matter if you're a painter, knitter, gardener or writer, (and it's even better if you're all of the above) for gleaning inspiration.

For years, I've had a board/boards for writing inspiration. Basically, photos that spark an idea or a situation that could be a story, scene, character, or even a song, or whatever.

One day when I was skimming through my board looking for a short story idea, I began to feel frustrated. All these pictures and no ideas? What the hey! 

Then I had the idea to push my creativity in a little writing exercise...
I decided I would repin a handful (maybe five, I don't remember), pictures and write in the little description a story blurb. Anything, any length.

All of a sudden, I was looking at the pictures with a new potential. Instead of searching for a whole story, I was just looking for the little 'missing piece' to each picture, whether it was the backstory, dilemma or conflict, or the resolution.

Most of the time, I found myself looking for what wasn't in the picture.

Here are some examples: 

Here's the link to my: Imagination board feel free to check it out and try this two second writing exercise. I promise, after you try this, you'll find yourself looking for the hidden story in everything!

Today I was scrolling through that board again, and noticed those photos that included my snippets of writing generally had more repins than some others. I think that's pretty cool! :)