Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do I Know You?

"Do I know you?"
"I, ah,” she hesitated, “We—“
“Please don’t say something corny like, ‘from my dreams’.”
She looked insulted. “Why would I say that?”
“Because you’ve been staring at me like I’m your celebrity crush for the last half hour.”
She crossed and uncrossed her legs on the seat across from me. “That’s close, but not exactly true.”
“And what is that strange cryptic answer supposed to mean?”
“You’re very full of yourself aren’t you?” Her embarrassment was turning to annoyance.
I cocked an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t that be true of everybody?” She rolled her eyes before glancing nervously at the conductor striding the isle. Then she leaned over her bag, whispering, “I can’t believe you don’t remember.”
I wanted to respond to this strange girl with more sarcasm, but her green eyes were so sincere they made me nervous. Suddenly I knew she was right. There was something I wasn’t remembering.

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