Saturday, July 19, 2014

I was born to someday die

 I was born to someday die
and for the life of me, I've wondered why…?

If there's a purpose to my being me,
why wasn't I given a road map to see where the heck I'm supposed to be?

I've taken the long way round and driven the freeways up and down
I've checked the spaces between the places and looked past the races and into the faces

They say to live each day as your last and it's true: a second now is a second past
In the end, only one thing lasts...

One day, this heart will stop beating, but it's vibration is never leaving
My shadow stays and when I leave it plays
Never getting enough, it dances with the rebels until the sun comes up

That may be. It could be. Don't you see? We're always free when we choose what to be

The boy I sat with in December, what will he remember? Who I chose to be 'just because', who I could've been, or who I was?

If yesterday had been my last, I think I'd have hopped the train to watch it pass
But if I choose today to give it my all, will tomorrow be just as small?

I know I have nothing to fear, but I'm still scared when people draw near 
What will they see, if I can't keep my face where it's supposed to be?

And if I am the real me, who will that person be? 

What if we don't really need to hope? Maybe there is no end of the rope? 

If we just let go and fell, could anybody really tell? After all, the bottom is not the end if we're all just playing pretend

You probably think I'm crazy and that may be,
But I think if we can just be who we could be, perhaps it would change this reality.

Pieces of lyrics for a song that I will probably never compose. I think I was feeling in a strange mood when this came out of me...

Please do not borrow text without permission!
© Mary Lund

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